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How long does it take to learn Chinese?

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    If a person study one hour per day, how long does it take to learn it?
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    That depends on how you learn it... To be honest, Chinese is one of the most difficult language, even viewed from me such a Chinese-native...
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    Enough to get by, or like a native?

    Not that I know the answer, but it makes a big difference.
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    I knew someone from Sweden who learned Chinese within 3 years, he had ADHD and said he spent an abnormal amount of time studying it, almost like an obsession. I am not sure what skill level he has, but he has no problem speaking / writing it and gets by in China. So I guess it depends on how much you want to learn it? If you are thrown out into a village in China, you will learn it much faster than say studying it for an hour a day :P
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