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How much do physics post-docs pay

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    I am a high school student starting grade 11 this year. I am really not happy with education in India here so i plan to go abroad probably US for my undergrad physics degree.I also intend to apply to a US grad school for my Phd after my Undergrad work.So this whole will take about 7 years on avergage and i will be 23 by the time i get my Phd. So after i get my Phd if i get a postdoc at a university or any other organisation how much do they pay . I love physics and doing Physics but i dont want to be underpaid after 7 years of hardwork . I dont have any intention on marrying or having kids .
    So what kind of lifestyle can i ( only me without family , alone ) have with the postdoc level of salary .
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    Re: How much to physics post-docs pay

    7 years for a bachelors and phd? damn. I hope I can finish my PhD in 7.
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    Re: How much to physics post-docs pay

    Isn't it a bit ridiculous to start thinking about postdoc pay at this stage? Whatever info we give you now will be either out of date, or no longer applies, by the time you get to being a postdoc. This is ignoring the fact that postdoc pay varies widely at different institutions.

    I also do not think you understand what a "postdoc" is, because from the way you are describing it, you think it is a permanent job.

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    Re: How much to physics post-docs pay

    The average PhD in physics takes 7.5 years of graduate school. The masters work alone can take 3 years; you will not finish the PhD in that time. Expect 8-12 years of college total. The pay for a postdoc can change quite a bit in that time.
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