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How much time do you spend on physics each day?

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    How much time do you spend on physics each day? Or actually, do you even spend time on physics every single day? I'm curious to know how much time other physics lovers/enthusiasts spend on the subject.
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    I too am curious about this!
    Personally I do physics when I feel, which is usually everyday(not counting homework). I like to play with equations and make problems for myself. How long I spend on "playing" depends on how I feel but I find myself thinking about problems almost all the time(on the bus, go out for walks etc). Sometimes, like today, I woke up and figured out the solution to a problem I was working on yesterday.

    I usually have set study time specifically for physics homework/review/studying which is every other day for 1-4 hours depending how much I material I need to review, how many problem sets, how well I understand the material. If I don't understand a concept I can spend the whole day reading, watching lectures, and searching the internet to understand.
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    I have nuclear engineering classes, mechanical engineering classes and physics classes to take, so those hours accumulate plus homework. But on my own? I could stay up til 2 am reading about Schrodinger's cat every day. Probably too much time, in other words. :)
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