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How not to get stuck up with one approach?

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    I am used to do things independently in my life and rarely takes the advice of others. The one important problem I often face is, whenever I try a method i always stick to it even if it doesn't work. I try to fight with the same approach to find solution to the problem in hand. Though I am aware of alternate approaches, I can't make my mind to drop the present approach. Something inside me says "why not try little more harder and don't give up". So I often waste time and resources end up in failures (though few times my persistence paid me back heavily). Is it a psychological problem? How can I change myself to adapt to the situation and not being stubborn.
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    If you see of alternative approach, that seems faster and efficient, then just tell to yourself that the alternative approach too is your own approach. You don't need to walk to your office when you have already earned a car.
    But, if the alternative approach is walking to your office, and the main approach is driving to it and the problem is car not starting, then it all depends upon how much free you are and how important is office.
    I myself fall on such situations occasionally.
    The reason why we get stuck on our approach is that, if we are able to repair the car, then it would be beneficial for future too. Walking is one time solution.
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    I'd suggest exercise, meditation, no coffee, and good shrink. Otherwise, this always works for me:

    When in trouble,
    When in doubt,
    Run in circles,
    Scream and shout!
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    it's an ego problem. you have to let go of your pride.
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    That is a good method.
    Don't put high demand on yourself. Indeed believe that you aren't the smartest of the person. If you were you would have already solved it far back. So, you need to take a step back and not be stubborn.
    Say to yourself "Hmm! I tried that way but failed. So, I have to go this way"
    You need to accept that you failed. You indeed did fail. So, you need to acknowledge the truth and moveone.
    :) (Just Thinking out loud)
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