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Homework Help: How to calculate delivered luminosity?

  1. Oct 18, 2015 #1
    I found CMS total delivered luminosity from Cern Statistics web site (22.98 inverse fb). But i want to calculate myself and using values from website's supertable page. (https://acc-stats.web.cern.ch/acc-stats/#lhc/overview-panel)
    But my result is 8.16E+42
    Where is my mistake?
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    On the third line of your calculations, the second plus sign should have been a minus sign. I'm sure that's it even though I have no idea what your calculations were. ;)
  4. Oct 20, 2015 #3
    L= (n_b*f*N_1*N_2) / 4*pi*sigma_x*sigma_y*sqrt(1+(thetha*sigma_z/2*sigma_x)^2)
    n_b: number of colliding pairs for CMS on supertable (01.01.2012 - 31.12.2012)
    f: stable beam duration on supertable (01.01.2012 - 31.12.2012)

    L= (my calculation on excel) = 1,58E+42
    But i must found 23^fb-1 (01.01.2012 - 31.12.2012)

    What is reduction factors for delivered luminosity?
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