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How to calculate section constants for rectangular tubes?

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    I was wondering how to calculate I and W for rectangular and quadratic tubes. I have formulars for massive rectangular and square sections and for circular tubes. I tried to make a formular for a square tube section, based on how the formular for the circular tube looks - but I didn't get the correct result (compared with results from "Sectionananalyzer"). I am calculating som wood box columns, and it would be nice to write the formular - even directly in my Excel calculation sheet, rather than using section analyzer.
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    What is I and W?
    People here are from different backgrounds or countries terminology differs :P
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    Oh allright, I thought it was international.
    I = Moment of Inertia.
    W = Moment of resistance (?) - Not sure if that is the correct English word.
    i = Radius of inertia.
    A = Area (this I can figure out how to calculate, though...) :smile:
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    Thank's for the answer. I was asking because some of these formulas is not written in my book.
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