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How to control an angle of a catapult

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    hi everyone.. this is my first post
    im investigating a catapult
    i would like to know how to control an angle of a catapult to get maximum distance ?

    thanks ..
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    I don't know if I'm answering this right:
    1) Max distance can be achieved by setting the angle to 45 degrees (assuming no air friction on the projectile)

    2) What do you mean a striking power?
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    45 degrees will give you the maximum range for a given initial velocity, but 45 degrees might not give the maximum initial velocity, so 45 degrees is not automatically going to give maximum range.
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    You may want to write down the equations of displacement for projectile motion, and try to express the angle of catapultation out of them somehow. See where it will get you. Also, you must assume the value of initial velocity.
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    thanx all for your replies ..
    :smile: they were helpful..
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