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Medical How to cope with mental destruction?

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    I am pretty sure most of you have been involved in academia. (I mean, studied sciences at university level) Sometimes, I get really angry when I don't come up with a brilliant solution, especially if one of my classmates just goes like 'ah!'. Also, I feel really disappointed at my self whenever I hear anecdotes about Terence Tao or Stephen Wolfram.

    I am really looking forward to hear about some experienced advices. Thank you in advance.
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    My suggestion: if at all possible, try not getting angry at your fellow students' brilliant solutions. Emotions like anger and jealousy are bad for creative problem solving. When someone offers a really nice solution to a problem, just think, Wow cool answer! Try to get a *good* feeling from their work.

    If you allow yourself to stew in "negative emotions", you're cutting yourself off from seeing the next brilliant solution.
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    The best advice, seek professional help.
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