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How To Determine The Exact Speed You Are Moving In The Universe

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    How To Determine The Exact Speed You Are Moving In The Universe

    This should and will be able to show exactly how fast and in what direction
    the planet and all of its inhabitants are moving in the universe.

    If a light source is in front of you and you are moving in the universe towards
    the light then you should reach the light faster.
    As fast as you are moving in the universe towards it.

    The same would be true if you are moving away from the light source.
    The light would have to travel however much farther to reach you.

    Since the speed of light is a constant, by taking measurements
    in the x/y planes you can find the differences in time, and be able to devise the exact direction and speed that the object is moving in the universe.


    x-.2 (o) x+.2

    The movement of this object in the universe, if this were the case, would be
    down and slightly to the left in this orientation.
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    The universe does not have a preferred frame of reference from which to measure our velocity. All inertial frames are equally valid. Once thing we can do is say we have a velocity relative to a frame that is at rest relative to the Cosmic Microwave Background. But even then we are merely averaging the momentum of the radiation and coming up with a rest frame.
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    While Drakkith is right, it's exactly your line of reasoning and Mikelson-Morley coming up with a way to measure this that allowed us to realize that there is no preferred frame of reference to measure our velocity ... and to Einstein's theory of relativity.
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