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How to do a dynamic graph in matlab

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    Hi guys, so i've never used matlab before, and i need to make a plot that changes constantly.
    Let's say that i have Sin(x) from 0 to 3pi
    Then i need it to change to a Cos(x) from 0 to 3pi
    then to a Tan(x).

    I could do it in other languaje like Php or c, but in matlab i have no idea. I think it can be made with a for cycle nested inside of another for cycle.
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    Nevermind, i got it. What i really wanted was a changing sin plot. I'm gonna leave it here in case anyone needs it.
    Code (Text):

    f = @(x,t) 1.5*sin(10*x-5*(t/10));
    linkdata on
    hold on;
    for t=1:50
        xi = -3*pi:pi/1000:pi;
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    Very cool!
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    Thanks (:
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