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How to get expert help for a novel?

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    I'm writing a novel in the general category of science fiction, although it's set just a few years from now. I've gotten some good suggestions and information from members of this forum. There are a few questions that I feel require the help of a professional astrophysicist and an aeronautical engineer who might be willing to do a few calculations and spend some time answering my questions.

    So the general question is this. Do you have any suggestions about how to hook up with professionals in a field who would be willing to spend a little quality time in face to face consultation without charging? Thanks.
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    If you have a specific question ask it in the appropriate science thread and I'm sure someone will have a go
    at answering it. You may not get what you want but thats probably the best way.
    If your question is a general one you probably aren't ready to be asking anything and need to work on the fiction.
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