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How to get involved in time travel research?

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    Time travel is always something that has deeply interested me... the theory of relativity and modern physics have shed more light on what time is but, even today, is 'time travel' actually a respectable field of research on its own?
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    You're getting a little ahead (well, probably, way ahead) of your time.
    You may be interested in theoretical particle physics, sting theory, quantum gravity,....Check more on these fields.
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    Seems like a good thing, given the context.
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    lol ok... I guess the answer is no
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    General Relativity and Special Relativity ask fundamental questions involving the notion of time - I believe that gravitational physics and Special Relativity are the most similar to the study of time-travel and will satisfy your curiosity. The concept of working on time-travel experimentally is overly-speculative although many theories such as the Einstein-Rosen Bridge and modern Quantum Mechanics: Particle Physics, Superstring Theory and Loop Quantum Gravity address the notion of time, after all it is the most profound question.
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    Look up Dr. Ronald Mallett.

    Discovery did a show about his work:

    It looks like he works at the University of Connecticut, maybe you could go there and get a job with him.
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