How to keep a hand in physics after leaving

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So I finished a phd a few years back, and I've finally settled into a stable job thats pretty far outside the field (data mining for an insurance company), so I'm brainstorming for ways to keep a hand in physics while working outside.

I've contacted former collaborators about potentially doing some research on the side, but the common response seems to be that they don't have time to spend with people who can only "dabble" (and I don't blame them). Does anyone have experience finding an outlet for some of their physics knowledge post-phd?

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After my studies I also landed in an IT job.
I'm not post-phd, but my math/physics outlet is here on PF. :smile:
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I'm an experimenter, but have published a few theory papers. So in a sense I "dabble" too - so why have I had better luck? I think the answer is that in every case I brought something specific to the table: insights that suggested a better way to calculate something, even if the actual calculation was beyond me. I think your approach to your potential collaborators has to clearly express what you are bringing to the table, beyond just keeping a hand in it.

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