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How to; polarized reaction ee--->WW

  1. Oct 11, 2015 #1
    I want to compute the polarized cross-section of $$ {e^{-}e^{+}\rightarrow W^{-}W^{+}} $$
    but this reaction is chiral and only 2 input helicities are allowed while 9 out put combinations of W-boson helicities/polarization are possible. W(+-0) & W(+-0) are the possible polarization of W-bosons.

    The Qs. I am given is that compute the above reaction in high-energy limit so I guess I have to compute the matrix-M but does it also mean to compute the cross-section??


    1: I am having difficulty to understand that how a left-handed positron has a right-handed spinor
    and a right handed electron has a left-handed spinor, they are mostly denoted as v(p) & u(p').

    2: From the matrix element M how can I draw a graph between $$ {\frac{d}{dcos\theta}} $$ and $$ {cos\theta} $$. OR how can I show the energy dependence of this reaction in graph?

    this is the almost the same problem as peskin & schroeder 21.1 and the graphs are 21.10 and 5.1 of the same book.

    any hint is much appreciated.
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    Okay, I got my Qs-1, actually I wrote wrong, only the spinor of anti-particle has opposite handedness and for the particle its the same handedness.
    Some of the matrix-M are zero because of the orthogonality of the polarization vectors of the W-bosons.

    Qs-2 still stand as how to draw the graph.
    Any help??
  4. Oct 29, 2015 #3
    Okay, I have completed the complete polarized reaction and cross section of [tex]e^{-}e^{+}\rightarrow W^{-}W^{+}[/tex].
    Anybody interested in this can download the pdf. or email me and I will mail you the pdf.
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