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Human Rights Violator Sponsored Superbowl

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    If they are found guilty, I hope they get more than a slap on the wrist. I'm talking jail time. People need to understand that this stuff is NOT okay to do.

    Right now all you have to do is set up a company and suddenly you can get away with theft and murder. Great.
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    Big business gets away with whatever it wants....very unfortunately.
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    boycott firestone!!!!
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    Ok, and you can probably boycott everything else made in India, Mexico, and China while your at it.

    Id like to know more about the companies involvement before I pass judgement. So far, it seems they simply bought a product. I dont see any knowledge or support of these places by firestone in the article.
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    Jail time for what, exactly? US law does not extend past the borders of other countries.
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    IRIN BTW is part of the UN.

    Ever see the movie blood diamond? Yeah, buying bridgestone tires is almost similar to buying a blood diamond.
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    A country's bad labor laws are not the domain of Interpol.
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    Oh. In that case, let's keep exploiting them.
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    There's quite a difference between pointing out that no laws that would demand jail time have been broken and saying that exploitation of workers should continue.

    Several questions come to my mind, such as whether Firestone had explicit knowledge of what was going on, if they are the ONLY tire company buying from these sources, if conditions are as bad as the story claims or just disgruntled workers readying for a strike, etc. The article says they have been "accused," not that it's proven they really have done so as well. That's a pretty hefty accusation to toss around without some independent verification first.
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    I do wish the US goverment would realise this sometimes.

    There was a similair campaing in the UK to boycott the oil company BP - it was using private armies in Africa to kill people protesting agaist oil exploration - the protest cost them a few 0.00000% of their profits.
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    Was it the U.S. government? Oh, snap! :tongue2:

    I love how the 21st century begins with the U.S. apologizing to Germany for torturing people in secret prisons in Poland. Thanks alot, GWB.
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    http://www.insd.uscourts.gov/Opinions/AP6270O1.pdf [Broken]

    The US District Court Judge in the case has allowed the case to proceed forward on the child labor accusations after reviewing the complaint. The claims made that bridgestone uses child labor and violates human/workers' rights aren't simply some wild accusations.

    Also feel free to read the UN report of the exploitation of Liberian rubber and its people


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    Don't even get me started on big oil....
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    So the theft is being carried out by the former combatants, and Firestone is being accused of acting as a fence for the stolen goods. But Firestone denies the charges.

    Once the evidence is made public, we will know if Firestone is lying. However, in the meantime, I take it the combatants are selling the rubber, we just aren't completely sure who they are selling it to. I assume, of course, that those who call for stiff punishment have stopped driving their cars until this can be sorted out. Right?
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    Hmm. I need new tires. Wonder how much I'll save on Firestones.
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    Altho there are human rights violations in these countries (I think since you mentioned them), but nothing beats exploiting a country ravaged by civil war!!
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    Yeah, nothing beats it.
    I get such a rush when I exploit those ravaged countries. Nothing beats it.
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