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Homework Help: Hydrogen Fluoride gas mixture quantities

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    I am not a chemist but maybe there is somebody who can help me.
    I need a put together an emergency plan as part of a college law assignment on European Seveso directives.
    My case study has 17t of Hydrogen and 8t of Fluorine.
    Both of which combine satisfy the requirement for a lower tier Seveso site.
    8 (Quantity)/10 (treshold limit of fluorine) + 17/5 (treshold limit of hydrogen)...greater than 1 @4.2 makes it a lower tier site.
    However if combined they create hydrogen flouride which may push them over the upper threshold of 20t.
    So my question how much hyrdrogen fluorine would be created with 17t of hydrogen ane 8t of fluorine.


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    Fluorine would be the limiting factor, with 19u/atom it catches a maximum of 1/19 of its mass as hydrogen to form 20/19*8t = 8.4 tons of HF.
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    Thanks mfb
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