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I am a born mathematician (if my myers-briggs result is anything to go by)

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    ...or should i say 'made or socialized' mathematician? whatever, my inspiration just took yet another major shot in the arm. here I am; every word hits the nail on the head:

    the career counsellor i met with had a sheet with similar info on it, but there was a bullet that said "when committed..." intjs are determined, single-minded etc. when in school i wasn't & i think it showed. since then i've been very different. the t (=thinking vs feeling) wasn't very clear though; according to the test, depending on the situation i could just as easily use my thoughts or my feelings to make a decision. the other three things (i, n, j) were very clear though, especially the i & n (introverted, intuitive).

    that must be why my favourite instructor happened to be the one who usually brought only his car keys to class & had everything in his brain instead of in notes. he must have worked at least as hard to learn the stuff as he expected us to, probably a lot harder than many of the students. there was another guy who was similar but (understandably, now that I think back) had less patience for me. at least he really knew his stuff & had a sharp eye for mistakes. :tongue2: in contrast the instructors i had who, for example, went over the textbook for 1hr before class did nothing for me.

    i hope they're right lol :tongue2:

    also very true :rolleyes:
    http://fuzzy.snakeden.org/intj/ [Broken]
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    According to my profile, I should rule the world. I agree.
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    I'm an INTJ too, and I dropped out of math grad school without a finished accepted thesis. In addition to INTJ and IQ, you need "bottom", the ability to sit and work and think for l-o-o-o-ng periods of time. I think you also need outrageous daring; all the best mathematicians I can think of are over the top in one way or another.
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    Actually (if you buy these classifications in the first place), INTJs are less cut out to be mathematicians than INTPs (I'm a strong INTP) who are theoreticians and logicians. INTJs are more the experimental scientists, less cloistered in a theoretical make believe world of sorts. INTJs like real world results, which INTPs are disinterested in. http://www.personalitypage.com/INTP.html
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    when everyone on here took these tests before, i found out i'm the only feeler on pf...

    at any rate, i was reading through my profiles, i'm either INFP or ENFP, depends on my mood how social i am. i think i'm actually an ENFP after reading the description on there because it even mentions my bouts of antisocialness. its funny cause INFPs are tend to be somewhat extroverted for the I's and ENFP's tend to be introverted for the E's... so i feel comfy being somewhere in between.

    Anyway, i suddenly feel like maybe math isn't the right career for me. I always thought i was set to be a mathematician cause i'm idealistic and and not entirely realistic, but i still have a very strong logical side. but reading these makes me feel like i should figure out how to take superman lessons, or learn how to be the next ghandi. seems more what i'm suited for.
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    hmmm not quite... :wink: on my test it showed that i'm an extremely 'weak' thinker; only 1/30 of the questions showed that i'm a thinker, which put me right on the middle. that means i don't have a strong preference for thinking or feeling, or it might depend on the situation. out of curiosity i looked at the thing for infj some parts seemed "right" to me although pretty much all of the intj thing was exactly right.

    somewhat like me but i think i'm definitely a intj most of the time.
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