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I am a Physicist looking for some credible answers!

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    I am a formally trained theoretical physicist and I received my degree in 1969. I then worked at AT&T Bell Laboratories for 30 years. The first fifteen years were in a branch lab connected to a manufacturing site in Allentown Pennsylvania.

    Based upon a series of my published technical papers and management techniques learned in a factory, I was transferred to the Central Research Facility in Murray Hill, New Jersey. There I worked, at first in photolithography and then for the last ten years managed a joint research and development program with the NEC Corporation in Japan.

    I retired, and became a deep water cruiser. I have sailed in all four quadrants of the globe, however, I never gave up my love of research, science and physics.

    During my entire multifaceted career, I found that science is constructed by humans and humans make lots of mistakes, honest mistakes. And as humans, when scientists are pressed for explanations of experimental data, we conjure up complex models. This is done in a defensive manner, which is a human trait.

    I will post lots of questions about physics, that while appearing simple will leave you scratching your head.

    Stayed and be prepared.

    For a lot of detailed information about me, you can Google me "James T Clemens, PhD" ( there are many James Clemens in the world :>) ) . I am also in Wiki and those write up are in first drafts.


    Sincerely, James T Clemens, PhD
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    Why do you put 'James T Clemens, PhD' when you can simply write Dr. James T Clemens ?
    Scraching your head??
    Just kidding;-) Anyway Welcome to Physics Forum.
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    Welcome to PF James!
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    Welcome to the PF :smile:

    I was at BLT as well a while back, but in the Denver lab. BTW, when starting technical threads here, it's best to link to a peer-reviewed paper or two that discusses the topic that you want to address. Have fun!
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    Well, I will tell you a true story. When I was young - late 20's, my wife and I went on a vacation and I made all the reservations. To make sure that I got the reservations, I registered as Dr. James Clemens. Sounds simple enough and quite trivial.

    However, when I checked into a lodge in the Olympia Mountains in the State of Washington, I desk clerk said it was too bad that I was not checking in earlier. She stated that a young visitor at the lodge had fallen and sustained some major lacerations. She said if I was there, then maybe they would not have to call for the emergency ambulance that was about 40 miles away. Then I realized that when a person uses the term Dr., many, if not most people assume that you have a medical degree and are a physician. On that day I realized that it is better to use PhD than Dr.

    P.S. - How is your medical emergency skills. Over the years I have taken many emergency medical courses while working in high hazard laboratories and also as a volunteer emergency response volunteer. But in no way am I a licensed MD which is usually phrased as DR.
    This is but one of the simple assumptions and mistakes that people make.
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    I have many questions to ask and it is really impossible to find a single peer reviewed article. I was under the impression that the first thread was one of introduction and should contain no questions.

    Sincerely James T Clemens, PhD
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    Correct, so that's why I moved this thread to the General Discussion forum -- it was getting too big.

    And your technical question threads should go in the appropriate technical forum (General Physics, QM, etc.). I'm just saying that the best thread starts usually contain a link to a relevant mainstream paper that we can all use as a focul point for the discussion. Too often threads start off with "I was always taught..." or "I have heard that...", which usually means the thread gets off to a bad start. :smile:
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