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I am student aiming to become a teacher in math and physics

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    I am a student who already have a master degree in engineering (Materials Science and Engineering). I somehow couldn't find a job which suited me after my graduation as an engineer so therefore I decided to become a teacher (which was something I also would prefer before I chose to become a student in engineering).

    At the time being, I am a student at a University in Norway aiming to become a teacher. I am taking subjects in mathematics and physics in order to get enough ECTS to get the qualification to receive teacher training at the same university.
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    Welcome to the forum. Good luck with the teaching! I taught at a university level for years.
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    Thanks :) I would also like to teach at a university one day in the future but I am setting my goals low a the moment

    My goal for the autumn semester this year is to become a teaching assistant :)
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