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I feel like a ship without a rudder

  1. Nov 28, 2016 #1
    Hello everyone! this is pi day born as in pi day born. Like most of you i also am a student of physics. I am almost done with my undergraduate studies with the final exam to start in weeks. But, I was pretty unfortunate to take any real education in the course of my 4 year university journey. Because of some problems with my teachers, i couldn't attend a lot of lectures on the topics like classical mechanics, quantum mechanics or nuclear physics. As a result I had to study on my own and many things are missing because of that. After I'm done with my finals, i am planning to revise everything to quench the thirst of learning physics. so my question to the experts is, is that possible?
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    You're planning to review and revise the things you've learned after you graduate. Sure. Why wouldn't that be possible?

    Whether that will "quench your thirst for learning physics" or not will depend on how thirsty you are.
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    I have to ask, what does that mean?
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    well, the problem was that if not enough students, then they would refuse to take class. basically it wasn't personal.
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    Well that was profound and challenging statement. Thanks for the answer.
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    If you want a more specific answer, you have to ask a more specific question.
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    I guess i got my answer. that was helping and inspirational
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    If not enough students enrol in the class, it's possible the administration will need to cancel the class. The school administration has to balance the costs (teacher's salary, use of classroom, etc.) against the revenues received from tuition. That's a common practice here in the U.S. Also, if the money the teacher receives depends directly on the number of students enrolled, he or she might decide to pursue a different option if there are too few students.
  10. Dec 1, 2016 #9
    well, it's a different world here when it's about our university. you don't get the usual view here. anyways, what's gone is gone. i was just wondering what sectors needs to be filled up in terms of getting a good grip on various topics of pure physics.
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