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Medical I Have Some Questions About Electrocardio grams/graphs (EKGs or ECGs)

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    Has It caused any controversies?

    How does It Work?

    Any Additional Information would be helpful and much appricieated
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    Welcome to the PF. Here is an introductory article to ECG:


    That should answer many of your initial questions. If you still have questions, please feel free to post them here in your thread.

    As for controversies, can you say more about what you are looking for? In the EMS world, using portable 12-lead ECG monitoring to look for the STEMI characteristic in ECGs has lead to a very nice advance in patient care and survival from MIs. Not exactly controversial, but it's still a big advance in pushing advanced cardiac monitoring and reporting out into the ambulances and Fire rigs. That, coupled with the wireless reporting of the 12-lead traces back to the hospital, so that the ED staff can recommend a divert straight to the catheter lab. Good stuff.

    What do you mean by controversial ECGs?
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    Ok, thank you for the help I appreciate it.

    I have realized that there are no controversies about ECGs and EKGs.

    By the way, I have found wikipedia to be a not very reliable source. This is because anyone can edit its content.

    I do have one more question:

    Are ECGs and EKGs the same thing, just two different abbreviations for the same thing?
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    You are correct about wikipedia -- you have to be watchful for errors when using it. I only use it for basic information and pointers out to other sources, generally.

    Yes, EKG is another way of saying ECG. I think it is popular because it is easier to say and hear clearly, compared to "eee-cee-gee".
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    Ok thanks again, bekeman. What you said makes since. I think I understand now.
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