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I need a 3D map of the universe out to 400 ly...suggestions?

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    I'm a sci-fi author and need to plot a course with distances and galaxy (cluster and super cluster) stop overs between the Coma Wall, Earth and the Great Attractor. I've looked at a few online 3D universe maps and 2D maps but have not found anything ideal. Any suggestions?

    Thanks so much for any help you can offer!
    Rusty Williamson
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    400 light years is exceedingly close by. That's just a tiny fraction of the nearby stars within our own galaxy. It's about 10,000 light years to the center of our galaxy, for a sense of scale. The Coma cluster is over 300 million light years away. The closest nebula (the Helix nebula) is about 700 light years away.

    Still, fresh_42's answer should be a good one. If that doesn't get you what you need, let us know.
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    That might be useful but some points. As already pointed out, 400ly is nothing in space terms.

    Second, it's very difficult to get any data in the direction of the great attractor. Thats beyond our galaxy in the same direction as the centre of the galaxy, which is dense and hard to look through. That's the reason when you look at maps of the universe, it looks like a dumbbell. We simply can't observe very well within the plane of the galaxy.
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    Thanks for the replies! Work on book sidelined by home remodeling... [:-(] I'll check all this out in hopefully a few days...sorry.

    Forget map showing Great Attractor...I forgot we can't see in that direction (unless I'm behind the times).


    PS: Whoops...sorry, I meant 400 million lg on OP.
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