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I need a curriculum of physics majors

  1. Oct 1, 2006 #1
    I need a curriculum schedule of physics majors in any universities of America---whole 4 years , cause it is very very important for my project .I should make a comparision between physics teaching between China and America......

    so many thanks!!
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    Well, here's Waterloo: http://www.ucalendar.uwaterloo.ca/SCI/physics.html [Broken]

    Should be pretty close to any US school...
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    Surely every college and university in America must have their curricula on their Web sites by now!
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    yeah, just search for a few schools of interest, peruse the physics departments, click on "undergraduate," and there'll surely be a list of all the classes needed for graduation and perhaps even a suggested schedule.

    some schools even offer multiple options for physics majors, too.

    really, the only bit of work that you need to do is that often courses are only listed by their course number and not title in these sorts of schedules, so you'd have to look up, exactly, what the title of "PHY4222" is called, etc.
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    Canadian students aren't required to take any humanities classes? In the US, students are usually required to take at least a couple non physics/math/technical courses, such as writing courses and history/literature courses and it seems like it is rather important to have such courses. At my university, I need to take about 16 credits of humanities/writing classes.
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  7. Oct 6, 2006 #6
    That is a little bit odd. At Carleton (also in Ontario) science students are required to take something like two credits of social science/humanities electives (a typical honours degree is 20 credits, a one term course is .5 credits).
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