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Praise I think this site is really helpful to all people who learn science

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    I am using PF for only a month. And I think this is the best website i've ever visited.
    When I first came here, I was quite grumpy about the fact that I have to show equations, my work. However, I think it is a very good policy right now.
    Some of the students depend entirely on internet to solve their homework. They just type their questions in AnswersYahoo or something like that. As they keep doing that, their ability to study degrades. And they will feel not much good to see their grades in exams, for they have never used their own head to solve homework.
    I will recommend this site to everyone in my math and phys class. The site require us the show our work so that lazy students don't just pickup answers form hard working smart people and leave. This site enables students to think about problem, analyze it, and solve the problem by themselves.
    There are lots of good people here who like to discuss about science, try to help people troubling from science problem, and suggest them the methods to help them out, give advices.
    i started to love it here. Thank you to all of the good people who replied to my questions.
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    I think that I can speak on behalf of all the homework helpers (and probably the staff) when I thank you for your compliment and say that we're glad to help you and others.

    I'm also happy that you agree that the policy of nudging in the right direction but letting the student do the actual work is useful. I can imagine that lazy students who are used to getting all their answers off the Internet without understanding why are unhappy about it, but trying to solve a problem yourself is really the only way to actually learn something and not just get a good grade.

    By the way, if you see anyone with a problem that you can solve, feel free to jump in. After all, it's people like you who are happy with the help they get and start helping others that make this site go 'round :)
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    Hey stanton. I don't know if you are in college or not, but if so, you might be interested in becoming a gold member. Check out this: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=338366"
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    Math Is Hard

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    Thank you for taking the time to write this, stanton. You make very good points about study habits and problem solving. I know that your feedback is an especially nice boost for our homework helpers who have to deal with many "hand-me-the-answer" posters.

    I thought you might also enjoy reading about a PF success story in https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=305026" if you haven't seen it.
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    I'm glad you like it!

    And, don't forget:
    One of the best ways to internalize material properly, is to think through how to TEACH it to others!

    Thus, don't hesitate to step into the role of the teacher as well!

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    To CompuChip: Thank you. :)
    To dlgoff: I am first year student. Wow, I must try it right now. :)
    To Math Is Hard: the thread was very interesting. Thank you. :D
    To Aridlno: I will try to help others as best I can from right now!
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    Up to know I thought the best post one can get after nudging the student in the right direction is

    Now I can't decide if I prefer seeing them finding the solution on their own, or just being praised directly.
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