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I want to find the vector components of an MRI pixel -- How?

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    I have a Dicom Image that is interpreted as an array. Each cell is a pixel. Each pixel has a value. I want to find the vector components (x,y,z) of a pixel. Specifically, I want to find magnetic field vectors for each pixel. The image is for H1 atoms. Freq = 297, B0 = 3.

    How would you do this and can you show a sample calculation?
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    I'm not really an MRI guy, but are you asking about a map of magnetic field inhomogeneities?

    I would expect the voxels within a DICOM MRI image set to translate directly into a T1 or a T2 parameter or something like that. In DICOM format they're probably stored as some kind of integer value that gets multiplied by a scaling factor that's in the header. You would need more information to go from the pixel values to a magnetic field map, I would think. Is the image of a phantom with known, spatially uniform properties?
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