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I would like to add a relevant information to a closed thread

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    Is it possible to add a reply to this closed thread?
    I would like to add a relevant information (someone may look for it):


    A more general problem has been solved here, for [itex]1/(1+cx^n)[/itex] and [itex]1/(1+cx)^n[/itex], for any [itex]n[/itex]:

    You can find there the explicit formula for the probability density function, the monotonicity properties of the pdf, the first and second moments for [itex]n=1[/itex] and [itex]n=2[/itex].
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    I think for situations like this, you should click on the "report button" and write there.
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    I have opened the thread, so you can post your reply. Feel free to use the report button when something like this comes up.
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    Thenk you.
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