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I would like to congratulate myself for no reason

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    I would just like to congratulate myself on studying the most awesome subject ever, finally,which is orbital mechanics.. I've finally found a course that I can work on for hours and hours and hours and never really want to quit working.. that is all folks. Thanks for stopping by and don't forget your hat on the way out. (That is assuming you had a hat on when you stopped by)
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    Order a copy of the movie, "The Dish".

    Pause the movie when the Keplerian elements are displayed on the screen (Mean Anomaly is on the right of the blackboard, while the rest of the info is on the left).

    Figure out the look angles for the antenna.

    Watch the rest of the movie to find out if you're right.

    Yes, they do use the real data for Apollo 11 and for the location of the Moon. You'll have to look up the location of the Parkes Antenna on your own, since I think they did omit that information from the movie.
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    Congrats. Studying a subject one really loves is really nice.
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    I would actually do that if my professor wasn't known for giving out assignments that require 25 to 30 hours of work each week. lol. She is notorious for it. Plus all my other classes on top of that. If I ever get time, and I remember this post I'll definitely come back to it though, just so I can pique my own curiosity and see if I'm right.
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