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I would like to say hi to everyone.

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    I would like to say hi to everyone.
    I like to know more people that is why I landed here in this site hoping that I will learn a lot of things.(so first things first,) Since i started this thread,Let me say something about myself..

    I am Ferdie, 21 years of age.I am born in California but I am currently staying in the Philippines, which is my parents' birth country. I been staying here for almost a year since I am taking up acting classes in the International Academy of Film and Television (IAFT).My parents decide to have my studies here so that I can experience their culture and also to aid us from our financial difficulties and so far, I been having great time with my studies, in fact, I am still amazed with everything in here. The culture and the people in our school still fascinates me until and I can really that I am having the time of my life here in this side of the world.
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    Hi ferdielicous - welcome to PF!
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    Hi ferdielicous, you will like it here.
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    Welcome, ferdielicous. Nice to see a happy person for one. Would be nice if we could see you acting.
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    Hello, hi, etc :biggrin:
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    I second this. Any youtube clips?
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    Hi guys!

    Thanks for the warm welcome.. I'm so happy that i found this site, you guys are awesome! by the way, some of you said, you wanna see me acting? (only if you will visit me in my school here in the Philippines... joke) I don't have video clip ready yet, but for you guys, I'll upload for you... I need to arrange my video clips because some of them are still with my mentors and classmates yet.. Until then guys! xoxo
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    Dear ferdielicous,

    you probably don't know that yet, but we have a ceremony for newbies here on PF. It will start slowly and burst suddenly in a blast. I suggest you sit, have a drink and make yourself comfortable. I hope you like fish ! Do you ?
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    Hi humanino,

    What do u mean by ceremonies for newbies? and i don't love fish...
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    The PF sisters like to hunt down new members and slap them with fish as a "welcome" of sorts. If you're nice, they will use small non-poisonous fish that are not frozen hard as a rock. BTW, welcome!

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    So ferdielicous, even though you don't like fish...do you have a favorite? Like, maybe a favorite aquarium fish?
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    Welcome ferdielicous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hello Ferdie, Welcome to PF. :D.

    And if you're active enough, i hope you like this place as much as your academy.
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    Thank you so much for all the Welcomes :- ) I appreciated it... After my thesis for sure i will hang-on much often here...
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