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The University of Iceland (Icelandic: Háskóli Íslands [ˈhauːˌskouːlɪ ˈistlan(t)s]) is a public research university in Reykjavík, Iceland and the country's oldest and largest institution of higher education. Founded in 1911, it has grown steadily from a small civil servants' school to a modern comprehensive university, providing instruction for about 14,000 students in twenty-five faculties. Teaching and research is conducted in social sciences, humanities, law, medicine, natural sciences, engineering and teacher education. It has a campus concentrated around Suðurgata street in central Reykjavík, with additional facilities located in nearby areas as well as in the countryside.

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  1. S

    I Gravitation Machine Invented? Research Idea

    First, please excuse my english first, Does anyone know who already had invented or built such a machine ?, which it can float in air by gravitation change (It can also be move up and down and move back and forth by manipulate and changes gravity force inside the machine. I have an idea but...
  2. Lahouircha

    B Hi, I'm learning physics -- Why do things near me not fall toward me?

    Hi, I'm learning physics because I love it and I have many questions I'm struggling to understand the difference between laws of motion and universal gravitation Question 1 : For example : every object applies a force to another object like the Earth is attracted to the sun, so is the monitor...
  3. G

    What is the Purpose of Science Education?

    Hi, I'm a student of Physics, not really advanced. I´m here to learn about this science I enjoy so much, and if possible, to help others to learn as well. English is not my natural language, so you may find some bizarre words in my posts, from time to time. Please be patient. Thanks!
  4. Krokodrile

    Hi determine the height of the mountain (using atmospheric pressure)

    i have the first convertions of the atmospheric pressure: 1872 lbf/ft^2 = 89,632.6 Pa 2016 lbm/ft^2 = 96,325.4 Pa g= 9.72 m/s^2 But, i don't have idea how pass the air density of "lbm" to international units ;,(. And other cuestion: its fine pass lbm/ft^2 and lbf/ft^2 to Pa simirlarly?
  5. R

    What is the Purpose of Joining PhysicsForums?

    Hello everybody. It's been a long time since I discovered this forum. I thought that being part of it would be really nice :). Sincerely yours, Rafet.
  6. B

    Engineering Duplicate Post: Hi Guys, See Below Thread

    Hi guys see below thread (duplicated by mistake). Many Thanks
  7. KareemKhaled

    Studying Hi everyone.... I want to know your opinion in this schedule

    Hi, I was published a post few days ago go and read it : here and I have set a schedule to solve my issue. I want to know your opinion and what is your suggestions ♥
  8. A

    Hi looking for a clear roadmap

    I'm a new member that is terrible at Mathematics but I am intrigued by physics. I come to this great forum with a singular goal for the moment and that is to learn physics at the level of a AP high school student. Any info would be great!thanks everyone, Alex
  9. M

    Hi, how to make 2 IF from one IF amplifier circuit, to get higher gain

    Hi, i take one If amplifier, from internet and i want to make the second the same, but i don't know how to couple, of what i need to do, to get more gaing can somebody help me? here is one IF amplifier in ltspice, rename in asc, or remove only txt extesion. and what is the best to do, is for fm...
  10. F

    Hi, I have a quick question about graph transformations.

    One of my homework questions said "Explain how to obtain f(x)=-(3+x)^2+1 from the graph of y=x^2." I know somehow you need to move the graph right 3, reflect about the x-axis, and move up one, but I don't know how to factor and manipulate the equation to show this.
  11. F

    Hi, I have a quick question about inverse functions.

    One of our homework problem asks: If f is a one-to-one function such that f(-3)=5 , find x given that f^-1 (5)=3x-1. Here's how I attempted to solve the problem: -3=3x-1 3x=-2 x=-2/3 Is this the correct way to solve the problem?
  12. Eduardo Leon

    Hi, help me to check my answers, dynamics, energy and work

    Homework Statement Whats is the final speed of the second box(mass = 1kg) when the first one (mass = 5 kg) has descended a distance equal to 0.6 meters in the rough ramp inclined 60° respect the x axis. Consider the spring is compressed a length x = 0.2 meters. The second box is tied to the...
  13. M

    Hi, has anybody had trouble building the ELENCO 108 AM/FM RADIO KIT

    Hello, i build the radio like they say in the book, and i did everything with VOM(testing with only multimeter), everything was like in book , but when i finish, i switch to am or fm, i just hear high noise :doh:
  14. T

    Is Saying Hello Good for Your Mental Health?

    Happy Friday Everybody! I just wanted to stop by and say hello to everyone! Thank you for having me... Have a nice weekend! Dan (TAP3X)
  15. M

    Hi, I with a ferrite rod antenna please

    hello to everybody, can some help to make a ferrit rod antenna and to explain me thnx is for am radio, trf regenerative i have a ferrit rod 90mm diameter, and i have 0.5mm wire magnetic. this is the schematic , i make also the am receiver, but i don't know the ferrit rod(is problem i try to...
  16. claraberner

    Can We Say Hello to the World and Everyone?

    Hello Everyone
  17. M

    Hi, can somebody help to measure varicap diode

    Hello to everobody, i need help how works varicap can somebody explain how it works, how to measure i have bb205 VARICAP, i try to search on internet but i don't find something good, to learn thanks
  18. M

    Hi, can somebody explain this RLC circuit to me?

    Hello to everbody can you help me how come C6 to be 10p and c5 13.5 and and l1 to be 190n and L6 240n i start with 100Meghz, with one circuits 50/XL or 50/XC now become three different thanks i understand the first circuit, i understand the second circuit, but now they make three circuits how...
  19. D

    Can Mechanical Engineering Students Benefit from the PF Forum?

    I hope I can learn a lot here in this Forum. I'm study Mechanical Engineering!
  20. M

    What is a Superegenerative Detector and How Does it Work?

    helo can somebody tell me how does work this circuits please, calculations and the rest
  21. C

    What Can I Expect in My Second Year of IB?

    Heyyy I am new to this forum even though I have been browsing it from almost the middle of my IB year 1. It is really fun browsing this, and the discussions are very helpful, too! Now that I have problems with my Physics EE I have decided to join this forum. I hope that I will get helped and I...
  22. A

    Is This Forum Truly Unscientific?

    I've was reading a post that I had found on here, and decided to sign up and see what it was like to be a member. I'm not a genius or even good at math, but I have a few cool ideas from time to time and like to do research on them, and most had formerly pertained to physics in the form of...
  23. G

    Interested in Neural Networks and STEM? Let's Chat!

    Hello, everybody ! I'm a student at polytechnic school of Lausanne in field of life-sciences/bioengineering. I really like math and physics and I'm currently trying hard to learn a lot about computer sciences and especially artificial neural networks. i'm looking forward to chat with you about...
  24. S

    Converging lens solve for all variables given f, Hi, and Ho

    Homework Statement [/B] What is directly given in the problem: Converging lens with f=1.43m Hi = 2m Homework Equations Hi/Ho = di/do M = Hi/Ho = di/do 1/f = 1/do + 1/di The Attempt at a Solution Ho = 2m * 20 = 40m Not sure how I can get do from this. All of the equations seem to need di.
  25. S

    Writing: Input Wanted Does a Nuclear Blast Create a Vacuum Effect Toward the Epicenter?

    Hi all, thanks for allowing me on to your forum. I'm not a physicist, but I am trying to write a piece of fiction and I'm aiming to get my physics at least some what plausible, so I thought I'd ask the experts. It goes like this: A character in a novel I'm slaving on (set in the early 80s) is...
  26. Z

    Can PF Help Me with My Physics Dissertation and Homework?

    My name is Zeynep, I'm from European Side of Istanbul and 24 years old. I try to graduate from Physics department of Yildiz Technical University, but still I'm having some issues for this. :) I found this page from Google for teaching about my homeworks, so I decided to join this group. Maybe I...
  27. R

    Hi, how to find the magnitude of a rotating vector?

    i get stuck in how to find the magnitude of rotating vector . why say that |dA/dt|=A(dθ/dt) but who we can derive it or interpret this fact
  28. D

    Is asteroid mining the key to solving world economic problems?

    Hi everyone, glad to be here, Life is so very interesting. Finally decided to post ideas and questions and sure enough looks like I came to the right place. I noticed after I joined that one of the topics posted at the top is about asteroid mining. And yes that is one of the ideas I wanted to...
  29. R

    What Bachelor Program Should I Pursue for a Career in Astrophysics?

    So I'm 16 years old. I'm in the edexel gcse curriculum, and I'm in SR5 currently (that'll be grade 11 or high school for the americans). I'm going to be taking my Alevels soon. I'm really into physics and Maths. My favorite scientists are Neil Degrasse Tyson, Nikola Tesla, Einstein and a lot...
  30. I

    How can I maximize my learning and contribution in the world of physics?

    Hi everybody. I hope to learn a lot of physics from you guys and hope to help as many people as I can. I am new to science as I am only in grade 11. Anyway, I feel that this site can indeed be very helpful.
  31. Lucy___

    What sparked Lucy's interest in quantum mechanics?

    I guess this is where I introduce myself so hi. I have no idea what to put so here is some random stuff. I love physics. Im still in high school Im especially interested in quantum mechanics So hi
  32. Z

    What are the Basics of Dark Souls for Beginners?

    Yes hello, I like physics and I'm studying physics. yay. I have a question but I didn't want to bother my tutors or lecturers with emails since we're on break at the moment so I joined. It said in the introductory email that I can't ask about that here though. Okay cool so hi. I like Dark Souls...
  33. ahmed habala

    Hi all -- I need a good reference about linear algebra

    hi all i need a good Reference about mathematics my level in mathematics as zero
  34. ahmed habala

    How Can I Begin Studying Physics as a Newcomer?

    hi all how can i start to study physics ? please help me
  35. Hello2016

    How to Apply Snell's Law Without Knowing the Index of Refraction?

    Homework Statement [/B] I know that the depth is 30 cm , the apprared depth to the observer is 15 cm. But how am i going to use snells law to get the refracted and incident angle when i have no idea what the index of refraction is for n2 liquid? ?Homework Equations N1sin1=n2sin2 The Attempt at...
  36. P

    Java Hi, I with my Computer Science course

    Ok so we are 5 months into our course and I have no idea what I am doing. The professor says that we need to create a program that will create a Color object and return a darker value. Can I do this with the Math.max function?
  37. faiziqb12

    Hi i want to derive the 2nd equation of motion using the 1st

    Homework Statement there are a lot of mathametical and graphical derivations of the three laws of motion but i have been trying to derive the second equation of motion from the first one but i always end hopeless. please help Homework Equations 1st equation v[f] = v + at 2nd...
  38. K

    Hi guys, I am looking for some advice on animating or simulating brake system

    Hi guys, I am looking for some advice on animating or simulating braking system of motorcycle. I have to make an animation or simulation of combined braking system for motorcycles, but I can't really find any softwares to do that. Even a circuit design would be which consist mechanical and...
  39. M

    Hi my is michael how do you build a electromaget generator

    hi my name is michael how do you build a electromaget generator for a high school project .
  40. J

    How do I block high pitched noise from a nearby dryer vent?

    I have never found sound to be a problem until now. I live on a street where, with the exception of cars, the side walks and the street are unobstructed concrete. My second story bedroom window directly faces a dryer vent that sits at street level across the street. The dryer, when on, produces...
  41. V

    Help Needed: Experienced Mechanical Engineer for Interview

    HIhi, I am currently a college student whose taking introductory course of engineering, and I have an assignment about interviewing a mechanical engineer that has at least two years experiences. Personally I am very interested in mechanical engineering as well, so I wonder would any of you guys...
  42. Clish89

    BS in Finance -> Masters in Physics. Hi, I please

    Hey everyone - I have a BS in Finance and have been working in Private Equity for a couple years now. This past year I have been having the 25 year old, "wtf do I want to do with my life" quarter-life crisis. I have been highly interested in Physics my entire life. Always fascinated by the...
  43. M

    Hi Question related to Gears and their chemical composition

    Hi ! This is Mustafa. I recently did my bachelor's and started working with Honda Motors. So my manager asked me to do a little research regarding the Gear type (SCM415H) used. I have to check how varying the chemical composition of each element will result in the properties of the gear...
  44. Dr.ahmad adnan

    Hi , I want to know if the heart contains the nerve cell?

    Hi , I want to know if the heart contains the nerve cell?
  45. C

    What's the Best Way to Rekindle Your Love for Science as a Hobby?

    Hi Guys, I used to be fairly active on PF during my engineering days, but went on to get an MBA in post grad. I'm working in consumer goods marketing now, but miss math and the sciences. Anyway, I'm trying to get back into the sciences, perhaps not professionally, but as a hobby (a very very...
  46. Ryan_m_b

    Sperm Whale says hi at 600m below sea level

    Scientists operating an underwater ROV had a fantastic surprise when a sperm whale decided to come and check out the machine. Fantastic images and from nearly 600m below sea level!
  47. B

    Hi there, i have a question on maximum current inputs of IC

    hi there..i have a question...back at my work, we have a power supply which have a variable current and a variable voltage...my senior said, he have a ic board to check, and then he uses a 5 volt supply with unknown current on it to power up this board, he then claims that you can supply the...
  48. Pranav 10

    Hi I want to know about quantization of electricity?

    1.Is Quantization of electricity is helpful for increasing Voltage? 2. Can I use galvanometer in capacitor to increase it's capacitance? Thank u , I am new to this forum.I want to ameliorate my knowledge in electrical engineering.
  49. K

    Hi can you help me in solving this from coordinate geometry?

    < Mentor Note -- thread moved to HH from the technical math forums, so no HH Template is shown > Find the equation of a line passing through point A (1, 2) and whose perpendicular distance from origin is maximum.