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Idea from a laymen (transportation system)

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    I've just joined the forum and know very little about physics but I have a passionate interest in exploring ideas and I'm curious if there any advancements that are being carried out already in the transport field.

    I'd appreciate any feedback, good or bad.


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    It looks to me like you're basically trying to invent a maglev subway, is that the idea?
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    Hmm, more kind of 'inverted electric motor' because the whole tunnel you mention *is* the track around the whole train (thus increasing magnetic field similar to how a typical electric motor works).
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    With that precision fit, that thing would be one heck of an air pump. forget the magnets to move you, seal the ends and shoot it with vacumn or pressure. I have to wonder about the concentraited mag field inside. It could save seating as you could secure everyone to the walls by their steel accessories (jewelry, beltbuckles) and kill every electronic device inside. with an MRI the outside "containment field" is a significant consummer of power

    " Conductor sez: closing doors and preparing to move"
    (slight buzzing noise)
    >THUMP< (as everyone sticks to the outside wall like a cheap carnaval ride)
    "all passengers now secure"
    (I am sorry, but the picture in my head is hilarious!! lol)

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    This would save on having security personnel on board as no one would disturb any others physically.
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    there ya go
    cost savings already

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    How about, a pully system with a maglev. Two motors on either end pulling the unit?
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    maybe we are overthinkin this
    think 4 man pod, very good seal between the tube and the car
    it would take very little differential pressure to make it haul butt
    and the station truster uses piezio-electric compound like used in air bags at every station
    boom, next stop, boom,
    the pods could never hit each other because of the compression wave at the front
    make the station like a big 6 shooted revolver cylinder

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    Yeah that's a good one too, I wonder what speed this could go at. I suppose there's very little limit.
  11. Jan 1, 2010 #10
    I just hope you arrange to screen all the passengers carefully before they get into this contraption. Not just for guns and knives!

    What about prosthetic devices, like those metal plates they use to repair badly broken bones? Artificial hips etc? Heart pacemakers? Implanted hearing aids? Metal tooth fillings? Trusses, and other appliances which perhaps we should not mention?

    Now I don't know which of these would really pose a danger, but I'm willing to bet that those with artificial pacemakers would go on a pretty fast trip to one main terminus or the other.
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