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Automotive Ideal torque vs engine speed curve

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    Just a simple question of what the ideal torque/engine speed graph would like?

    Also, could anyone direct me to a good website or book that would help me understand the following things better:
    tyre slip/traction control
    gear ratios and how they affect acceleration
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    It is easy enough to Google them. All engine manufacturers publish technical data on their engines, including a number of curves. I’m normally most interested in the specific fuel consumption curves. That tells me at what rpm I want to run the engine for various loads. Normally, the emissions curves will also be optimized at approximately the same place. I look at the power curves and compare them with the fuel consumption curves. That tells me what sort of transmission I need. The torque curves don’t provide me much that I don’t get from the other curves, and are less useful.
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    There is no 'ideal curve' only ones optimised for different uses. One with lots of low down torque that drops off quickly would be ideal for a truck, but not a race car, and visa versa.

    Here is a great link for explaining the effects of torque and gear ratios on acceleration with lots of great graphics. http://robotpig.net/__automotive/power-torque-thrust.php?page=1
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