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Identities of nested set algebraic expressions

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    Are there any useful identities for simplifying an expression of the form:
    $$((\ldots((x_{1} *_{1} x_{2}) *_{2} x_{3}) \ldots) *_{n - 1} x_{n})$$
    Where each $$*_{i}$$ is one of $$\cap, \cup$$ and $$x_1 \ldots x_n$$ are sets?

    I believe I found two; though I haven't proved them, I think they make sense:
    $$((\ldots((x_{1} \cup x_{2}) *_{2} x_{3}) \ldots) \cup x_{1}) \equiv ((\ldots(x_{2} *_{2} x_{3}) \ldots) \cup x_{1})$$
    $$((\ldots((x_{1} \cap x_{2}) *_{2} x_{3}) \ldots) \cap x_{1}) \equiv ((\ldots(x_{2} *_{2} x_{3}) \ldots) \cap x_{1})$$

    Generally, how would you prove these? Just induction?

    I tested a few expressions with the attached perl script which is why I think they work.

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    Stephen Tashi

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    There are various distributive laws like
    [tex] (A \cup B) \cap C = (A\cap C) \cup (B \cap C) [/tex]
    [tex] (A \cap B) \cup C = (A \cup C) \cap (B \cup C) [/tex]

    Since you are using [itex] *_i [/itex] to represent something that can be either [itex] \cup [/itex] or [itex] \cap [/itex] , I can't tell offhand if your identities are correct. I'd have to consider each possible interpretation of the operation as a separate case.

    Induction would be the method of proof, assuming that your "..." indicates a an expression of arbitrary but finite length. If you have in mind some sort of infinitely long expressions, you have to start with the problem of defining what they would mean.
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    I restated the problem in terms of propositions like $$x \in A_{1} \wedge x \in A_{2}$$ and considered that whatever was in the ellipsis would either depend on the innermost expression or not and if it did would either have a value opposite the innermost or the same as. From there I just exhaustively listed the cases and compared. Also, I assumed that the [itex] A_{1}[/itex] doesn't show anywhere in the ellipsis.

    I think that's all I need since I can just deal with the rest recursively.
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