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If these 2 equations are equivalent:x > 2y+1 and (x-1)/2 <

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    If these 2 equations are equivalent:

    x > 2y+1 and (x-1)/2 < y,

    what is the equivalent equation for:

    x [itex]\geq[/itex] 2y+1 ?
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    Re: Inequalities

    I think your first 2 equivalencies are wrong.... x > 2y+1 should be equal to (x-1)/2 > y

    and I believe there should be a similar result for your second equation
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    Re: Inequalities

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    Re: Inequalities

    xeon123 and repliers,

    those are not "equations."

    Please use the correct term(s).

    They are inequations or inequalities.
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