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If you Don't have a good grade in Physics?

  1. Jul 6, 2012 #1

    I finished my junior with a C+ in physics and a B- in math. I am looking to get into an engineering or astrophysics program due to the fact that i have been obsessed with the universe ever since i was 7. Any advice on what to due this summer to try to compensate for this?

    I am currently watching the classic mechanics Mit course and reading Calculus for dummies. I also am planning on taking the Physics subject test in the fall.

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    Unless you're planning to take calculus based physics in the very near future and have a solid grounding in basic calculus, MIT classical mechanics is a bit of a stretch right now. Instead, what should be your top priority right now is to learn introductory Newtonian mechanics from an algebra based perspective (kinematics, Newton's laws, momentum, conservation of energy, etc) and do as many practice problems as possible. Also, learning calculus won't be of any use at this point since you do not seem to have a solid foundation in algebra and trigonometry yet. You should refine those skills before you attempt to learn calculus.
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    100% agree with with -Dragoon-
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    It's good that you are failing in high school and not in college. Figure out the reason why you didn't do so well in your classes this year and correct them so when it times to learn the real deal you are ready. I'm just using the word failing as a relative term I know you passed the classes.
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