If you walk your dog at night, read this!

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    I bought an Oval OV-3 light for walking Duke at night. It is great. It uses LEDs and so is really easy on batteries. Click the switch once and get the headlight, click again and get the headlight, the down-facing lights so you can watch your footing, and a flashing red tail-light to warn off traffic, click again and you get the headlight and tail-light without the "footing" light. Click again, and it's off. I ordered mine from LL Bean because it is fairly expensive, and Bean's return policy is the most generous on the planet, just in case I didn't like the light. It's fantastic. Well-sealed so you can use it in the rain, and the handle is roomy enough for gloved hands for winter walks. I had tried using an LED shake-light, and an LED head-lamp, but neither covered the bases well. This light does.

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    I use that. 100 lumens is enough to cause temporary blindness. Do I need 100 lumens? Most likely not. Do I want 100 lumens? hell yeah I do.
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    My LED head-lamp is not 100 lumens, but it is bright. The problem is that it only lights whatever my head is aiming at, so I can easily miss a root or snag coming up underfoot if I am looking ahead. The OV-3 fixes that, plus gives me a bright red flashing tail-light for times when we are walking on a road or snowmobile trail and vehicles may overtake us.
  5. I saw someone walking their dog in the evening not long ago (okay, I see a lot of people walking their dogs all the time, but this was a specific incident) and the dog was wearing a vest with florescent strips on it. Further, there were florescent strips up the leash too. The person walking the dog wore a light coloured coat, so they were very easy to see. It made the dog very, very visible. I thought it was a terrific idea especially given that, during winter, here, it's already pretty dark by 4:30 in the afternoon. It certainly doesn't have to be full-blown night for it to be dark.

    So, but, a cool idea, I thought.
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    Yep. My wife works for New Balance, and since they cater to runners, we get jackets, windbreakers, etc with reflective strips included. We also have velcro-fastening arm-bands from NB. Personal (and pet) safety only takes a bit of attention. I just happen to love the OV-3 walking light for pet lovers. It fits perfectly.
  7. Yes, the walking light sounds like an excellent, tool to take along with you, turbo. I should have acknowledged that prior to launching into the idea that you reminded me of with your post.
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