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News If you're in eastern USA, fill up your gas tank

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    East Coast faces gas shortages, price hikes after pipeline leak (CNN.com)

    That pipeline passes about 20-30 miles from here.

    This morning I stopped at my usual gas station, one of the cheapest around here. There were more people there than usual, and a couple of the pumps had gone empty. While I was filling up at $1.75 / gallon, the manager came out and changed the big sign in front of the station to read $1.85. I did get the $1.75, having already swiped my credit card. :biggrin:
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    Wonder if the North Dakota tribes are taking note.
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    An increase of 5 to 10 cents per gallon, the odd station here and there with dry tanks, for a breakage that's likely to be fixed in a couple weeks if not days, and ...

    Well, any excuse to turn on those Federal FEMA dollars.
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    My daughter lives in GA right now and the prices have gone up.
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