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  1. T

    Admissions Masters application with a low GPA

    Hello! I just completed my honors from Bangladesh with a 2.90 gpa in Physics. I want to get a masters and if possible a PhD as well in Biomedical physics. Would it be possible for me to get accepted in any university in US with full funding if I manage to get a high GRE and TOEFL score?
  2. multivac42

    Admissions A gap in biography in application

    I am the second year Master student and I'm planning to apply for PhD this fall. My goal are top schools in the USA and my chances l seem to be pretty good overall (6 published articles, 4 of which are in decent international physics journals like PRB/APL; excellent pGRE and GRE scores, four+...
  3. SquidwardTentacles

    Schools Comparing the good and bad universities around the world.

    It goes without question that the top schools of most countries are pretty good, but how do we compare the average and bad universities from different countries? I often hear (especially on this forum) that bad and average universities in the US (and the west in general) are usually still...
  4. C

    Admissions PhD in UK and USA: is it useful to have a European MSc?

    I'm a Physics student currently ending the bachelor degree. Since I study in Europe (Italy) there are quite big differences in the degrees system between Europe, UK and USA. Start from the assumption that I would like in the future to do a PhD in the UK or in USA. My main question is: do a MSc...
  5. O

    Average time per week early-career academics in the US work?

    Hello. I've got two questions: 1) In the U.S., what's the average time per week that a graduate student doing a PhD in astronomy work? 2) In the U.S., what's the average time per week that a postdoctoral researcher in astronomy work? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  6. G

    UK vs USA for an international undergraduate

    I ask because I just received an offer from Cambridge and from a few great places in the US. I want to go on to do a PhD, probably in the United States. Finance isn't an issue. In your experience, does being from a place in the UK (albeit as great as Cambridge) put one at an automatic...
  7. RooksAndBooks

    News Graham Drops out of the 2016 Presidential Race

    Lindsey Graham is a Senator who ran for president. Recently, however, he has decided to drop out of the race. The problem I see with this video is that he doesn't explain why he is leaving the race. He only says that he's leaving the race and talks about the military. I personally think that...
  8. B

    What salary could I expect from Volvo summer co-op?

    I'm from eastern Europe so i was really surprised to get a call from Volvo that I have naively applied to for a summer co-op internship. The problem is that the summer is short and it would require me to travel to and from USA which is expensive. What pay could i expect from such work and would...
  9. O

    Schools Which are the best American universities for astronomy?

    Hello. I'm a French student and I'm planning to go to the United States for a graduate program in astronomy. When I will arrive in the U.S. I will begin by the first year of graduate. Then I will pursue with a Ph.D. and some postdoctoral research. I would like to know which are the best...
  10. B

    Why don't I get international internships? (Volvo, Nissan)

    I'm from eastern part of Europe. Does that make me less likely to get international internships/jobs in England or USA? I've been rejected several times by Volvo and Nissan. There's no way I'm under-qualified already having >1 year industrial working experience and enrolled in master production...
  11. C

    Why do schools in the US tend to offer direct entry into PhD programs?

    I knew different countries had different approaches to graduate education: there are those countries that provide research masters with only one year of coursework and the other year is dedicated to research (Canada, Germany, Japan, Russia, UK) and also where direct-PhD entry for undergrads...