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The United States of America (U.S.A. or USA), commonly known as the United States (U.S. or US) or America, is a country primarily located in North America. It consists of 50 states, a federal district, five major unincorporated territories, 326 Indian reservations, and some minor possessions. At 3.8 million square miles (9.8 million square kilometers), it is the world's third- or fourth-largest country by total area. It borders Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. With a population of more than 331 million people, it is the third most populous country in the world. The national capital is Washington, D.C., and the most populous city is New York City.
Paleo-Indians migrated from Siberia to the North American mainland at least 12,000 years ago, and European colonization began in the 16th century. The United States emerged from the thirteen British colonies established along the East Coast. Disputes over taxation and political representation with Great Britain led to the American Revolutionary War (1775–1783), which established independence. In the late 18th century, the U.S. began expanding across North America, gradually obtaining new territories, sometimes through war, frequently displacing Native Americans, and admitting new states; by 1848, the United States spanned the continent. Slavery was legal in the southern United States until the second half of the 19th century when the American Civil War led to its abolition. The Spanish–American War and World War I established the U.S. as a world power, a status confirmed by the outcome of World War II.
During the Cold War, the United States fought the Korean War and the Vietnam War but avoided direct military conflict with the Soviet Union. The two superpowers competed in the Space Race, culminating in the 1969 spaceflight that first landed humans on the Moon. The Soviet Union's dissolution in 1991 ended the Cold War, leaving the United States as the world's sole superpower.
The United States is a federal republic and a representative democracy with three separate branches of government, including a bicameral legislature. It is a founding member of the United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Organization of American States, NATO, and other international organizations. It is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. Considered a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities, its population has been profoundly shaped by centuries of immigration. The U.S. ranks high in international measures of economic freedom, reduced levels of perceived corruption, quality of life, education, and human rights. However, the country has received criticism concerning inequality related to race, wealth and income, the use of capital punishment, high incarceration rates, and lack of universal health care.
The United States is a highly developed country, and continuously ranks high in measures of socioeconomic performance. It accounts for approximately a quarter of global GDP and is the world's largest economy by GDP at market exchange rates. By value, the United States is the world's largest importer and the second-largest exporter of goods. Although its population is only 4.2% of the world's total, it holds 29.4% of the total wealth in the world, the largest share held by any country. Making up more than a third of global military spending, it is the foremost military power in the world and is a leading political, cultural, and scientific force internationally.

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  1. S

    Application to PhD in Physics in the USA

    Hello everyone! I did my BSc in Electrical Engineering and MSc in Communicative Electronics (Specialty- Electronic Engineering). I have one paper publication in IEEE. However, I have low GPAs in both BSc and MSc (around 2.5 on a scale of 4). Will it be possible for me to get a PhD in Physics or...
  2. S

    A friendly species of pine for southwest USA?

    TL;DR Summary: Is there a species of pine tree whose dried needles are somewhat soft (like those of the Eastern White Pine) and will thrive in the southwest USA? Is there a species of pine tree whose dried needles are somewhat soft (like those of the Eastern White Pine) and will thrive in the...
  3. jim mcnamara

    US Covid Deaths Reaching 1M: 997041 in 2022/18/03 18:51 MDT

    Per Worldometer 2022/18/03 18:51 MDT data: Reported Covid US deaths 997041, World deaths 6093047 Population of the US 334256039, World (est) 7934365211 USA as % of world population 4.2% USA as % of world Covid deaths 16.3% In a short while the Worldometer counter for USA deaths will hit 1...
  4. H

    Programs What are my chances at Physics PhD programs in the USA?

    I have a 3.29 in the major, research experience in my last year and should be published in the spring. Good recommendations… I’m so stressed…. Kicking myself is an understatement. I just want to get into a respected school, doesn’t have to be a top tier school obviously… just something respected...
  5. C

    220V European treadmill on USA 110V

    Can someone help me? Is there a way to use my European treadmill (3,5HP, 230V AC, 50/60Hz, 1850 WATT) here in US using a transformer/converter? thank you!
  6. S

    Electrical USA Building Codes: Inside Junction Boxes with Terminals?

    (USA) building codes require that wires that are spliced together must be contained in electrical boxes that are accessible - e.g. you can't splice together wires in an attic. So one often finds electrical boxes for ceiling fans or electrical outlets also serving as junction boxes in the sense...
  7. T

    Relationship between Drag Force & Viscous Torque on USA Football

    Hello, I am a Physics undergrad degree graduate who is attempting to do a personal project involving the projectile motion of an American football in a 2D space. I want to take into account the drag force that the ball will experience and also take into account the spin of the football (in the...
  8. S

    Carrying capacity of power grids - USA and others

    If some technology (such as versions of fusion power) makes generating electric power vastly cheaper, will it be necessary and expensive to increase the capacity of current power grids in the USA and other countries? Or is it the case that current power grids have a lot of excess transmission...
  9. jim mcnamara

    Medallion trees in Sandia Mountains New Mexico, USA

    https://www.abqjournal.com/1218873/on-the-trail-of-the-medallion-trees.html Medallions have been attached to trees that have had a core removed. The cores are used to count growth rings, the diameter of the core is a few millimeters and does not hurt the tree. The core can be long, like more...
  10. iVenky

    Are there any meet-up groups in California, USA?

    I live in the California Bay Area. Wondering if there are meet-up groups for meeting people in this forum.
  11. A

    Do Nations Need USA Launch Permission for Rockets?

    When other countries are launching rockets into space do they have to get permission from USA for the launch? i.e. China, Iran, India, Japan, Do they just simply coordinate with the local airspace to avoid any conflict or do they actually have to attain a launch permission from a body in USA.
  12. Replusz

    Funding for Summer Research in the USA

    Hi, I'm a 3rd year under-graduate student studying at a good European University (in the EU, in the Great Britain), and would like to apply for summer research project in the US for the summer. For theoretical Physics, such as gravity. However I have heard that the USA is expensive and I cannot...
  13. J

    Meteorology - USA Lower 48 National Winds Pattern Map Website

    For those interested but may not have found before, the below site provides a continuously updated animated map of wind pattern throughout the continental US PS I have a serious allergic reaction to a species of tree that grows NW of my location and during their pollination period I use this...
  14. JD_PM

    Admissions Doing a PhD in the USA: Advice for the PF Community

    Hi PF community! Let me briefly expose you all my situation. I have a degree in Biotech but I've always been interested in Physics. Once I finished it I decided to start studying Physics and it has been the best decision I've ever taken in my life. I am currently in a 3 year programme which...
  15. R

    Math Job opportunities USA that combine data science with physics

    Hello, I am a Belgian master in physics and astronomy with a couple of years of working experience under his belt, who recently decided to obtain a second master in statistics. Normally I should graduate in 2020. My goal is to become a data scientist, but preferably within a scientific context...
  16. R

    Max. Scholarship gained by student for in MSC in USA

    GRE EXAM for admission in postgraduation in physics in USA is of 340 marks. If one scores 330/340 then how much maximum scholarship could he get for masters in a good USA university for physics, he has done research work too? And would he also get reduction in accommodation and mess fees, if...
  17. Andromeda9010

    Other Searching for jobs in the USA, should I quit?

    So, I live in a micro-state and it is hard for me to get a decent job related to physics (BSc). First thing I did was applying to foreign companies and universities. I applied to many countries. I don't know why, but most of the jobs I found where in the USA, even though I was trying to avoid...
  18. T

    Admissions Masters application with a low GPA

    Hello! I just completed my honors from Bangladesh with a 2.90 gpa in Physics. I want to get a masters and if possible a PhD as well in Biomedical physics. Would it be possible for me to get accepted in any university in US with full funding if I manage to get a high GRE and TOEFL score?
  19. multivac42

    Admissions A gap in biography in application

    I am the second year Master student and I'm planning to apply for PhD this fall. My goal are top schools in the USA and my chances l seem to be pretty good overall (6 published articles, 4 of which are in decent international physics journals like PRB/APL; excellent pGRE and GRE scores, four+...
  20. Grant

    What to do on Spring Break in Southern California?

    Hi everyone, My name is Grant and I am here on my spring break. I can't decide if I like or dislike science, but I am a biochem major with an enthusiasm for learning. I don't plan on being here for long, but I look forward to meeting you all. Come to me if you have any questions about what...
  21. Grands

    Programs How important is the master's degree in the USA?

    I've seen that a lots of people end his carrier as a student without doing the master degree, and my question is, how much this one in important in the USA? For example in Italy is very hard to find a job with only a bachelor's degree, and probably it will be underpaid, cause the bachelor's...
  22. S

    Programs PhD in Particle Physics: UK vs USA Programs

    Hello! I want to do a PhD in Particle Physics and I was wondering what is the difference between UK (and Europe in general) and USA doctorate programs. I see that at Oxford for example you can do a DPhil in 4 years while in USA you need at least 6 and I was wondering why is that. Is it more in...
  23. anorlunda

    The Perry Report on USA Electric Power

    Find the full text here Staff Report to the Secretary on Electricity Markets and Reliability I really like this report, it's right up my alley. It is professionally done. Every assertion of fact is documented with citations to reputable data sources. I found nothing outrageous in the 187...
  24. SquidwardTentacles

    Schools Comparing the good and bad universities around the world.

    It goes without question that the top schools of most countries are pretty good, but how do we compare the average and bad universities from different countries? I often hear (especially on this forum) that bad and average universities in the US (and the west in general) are usually still...
  25. J

    A How to upgrade gamess USA versions?

    How to upgrade gamess USA versions?
  26. cnh1995

    Did the Hunter's Moon Really Look Like a Second Sun in North America?

    My facebook timeline was showing a news which said "North America and Canada witnessed two Suns in the sky". (I know fb is not a reliable source for such information).Because of the change in orbits, the moon rises and the Sun sets at the same time and the moon reflects the sunlight so bright...
  27. C

    Admissions PhD in UK and USA: is it useful to have a European MSc?

    I'm a Physics student currently ending the bachelor degree. Since I study in Europe (Italy) there are quite big differences in the degrees system between Europe, UK and USA. Start from the assumption that I would like in the future to do a PhD in the UK or in USA. My main question is: do a MSc...
  28. wolram

    Megadrought in south western USA

    Is this bull ***** or does it have facts to beef it up? https://www.sciencedaily.com/videos/ab8ea925c9e835237334d756a0c4d8a8.htm
  29. M

    Other Professor position in the USA after a PhD in Europe

    Hello, My question is probably geared towards the professors or postdocs reading this forum and concerns the recruitment aspect of the professors in the US. I am a European physics student currently visiting a "top" Californian university. During this short visit (8 months) I have come to...
  30. jtbell

    News If you're in eastern USA, fill up your gas tank

    East Coast faces gas shortages, price hikes after pipeline leak (CNN.com) That pipeline passes about 20-30 miles from here. This morning I stopped at my usual gas station, one of the cheapest around here. There were more people there than usual, and a couple of the pumps had gone empty. While...
  31. A

    Ultra grind+ bought in the USA- will it work in Switzerland?

    Dear all I searched really a lot in the internet but I do want to listen from a specialist in the subject matter who is an Electrical Engineer. That is why, I am writing in the Electrical Engineering section of PhysicsForrums. I have bought an Ultra Grind+ (I do not know the exact model name...
  32. S

    Optimizing U.S. Coin Values for Cashier's Algorithm

    Homework Statement I can't understand why cashier's algorithm is optimal for U.S coins: 1, 5,10,25,100 Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution The way cashier's algorithm works is that you pick the denomination of closest value to the expected amount. I am trying to read a lot of slides...
  33. davenn

    Dreadfully strong hailstorm in Wylie, TX, USA

    this from those there some of the biggest hailstones I have ever seen and a couple of storm chaser images and a little bit of science from the NWS:smile: cheers Dae
  34. O

    Average time per week early-career academics in the US work?

    Hello. I've got two questions: 1) In the U.S., what's the average time per week that a graduate student doing a PhD in astronomy work? 2) In the U.S., what's the average time per week that a postdoctoral researcher in astronomy work? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  35. G

    UK vs USA for an international undergraduate

    I ask because I just received an offer from Cambridge and from a few great places in the US. I want to go on to do a PhD, probably in the United States. Finance isn't an issue. In your experience, does being from a place in the UK (albeit as great as Cambridge) put one at an automatic...
  36. RooksAndBooks

    News Graham Drops out of the 2016 Presidential Race

    Lindsey Graham is a Senator who ran for president. Recently, however, he has decided to drop out of the race. The problem I see with this video is that he doesn't explain why he is leaving the race. He only says that he's leaving the race and talks about the military. I personally think that...
  37. B

    What salary could I expect from Volvo summer co-op?

    I'm from eastern Europe so i was really surprised to get a call from Volvo that I have naively applied to for a summer co-op internship. The problem is that the summer is short and it would require me to travel to and from USA which is expensive. What pay could i expect from such work and would...
  38. O

    Schools Which are the best American universities for astronomy?

    Hello. I'm a French student and I'm planning to go to the United States for a graduate program in astronomy. When I will arrive in the U.S. I will begin by the first year of graduate. Then I will pursue with a Ph.D. and some postdoctoral research. I would like to know which are the best...
  39. B

    Why don't I get international internships? (Volvo, Nissan)

    I'm from eastern part of Europe. Does that make me less likely to get international internships/jobs in England or USA? I've been rejected several times by Volvo and Nissan. There's no way I'm under-qualified already having >1 year industrial working experience and enrolled in master production...
  40. C

    Why do schools in the US tend to offer direct entry into PhD programs?

    I knew different countries had different approaches to graduate education: there are those countries that provide research masters with only one year of coursework and the other year is dedicated to research (Canada, Germany, Japan, Russia, UK) and also where direct-PhD entry for undergrads...
  41. jtbell

    Why the USA does not use the metric system

    Refusing to give an inch: Why America is anti-metric (cnn.com) http://www.cnn.com/interactive/2015/07/us/metric-road-american-story/
  42. M

    Physics Accelerator Physics PhD Competitivity and study in the USA

    Hello, I have just graduated from university with a decent (but not outstanding) result: 2:1, not far off of a first, with good references. I did my final year project on accelerator physics and I am currently working at the same university over the summer doing similar work on an accelerator...
  43. G

    220v European appliances on USA 2x 110v lines

    Hello - this is a continuation of a previous thread https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/using-european-230v-50hz-appliances-in-the-us.620097/ Question 1: The final recommendation was to run 3 wires plus ground to the new 220v outlet but the appliance doesn't have anywhere for 3 wires + ground...
  44. nsaspook

    News US Blocks Iran Weapons in Yemen, Saudi Airstrike Hits Near Embassy

    It looks like a decision has been made to stop the resupply of 'Rebels' in Yemen from Iran. http://www.militarytimes.com/story/military/pentagon/2015/04/20/us-warship-sent-to-block-iran-weapons-off-yemen/26082847/...
  45. T

    Nuclear energy in USA: why only 19%

    Fukushima disaster aside, the USA has only 19% of its energy needs from nuclear plants: see here. Being a free energy, I wonder whether there are reasons, other than safety concerns, that prevents the US from depending more on nuclear energy?
  46. D

    PhD in Germany vs USA: IIT Roorkee Physics Student

    I am a final year Masters student studying physics at IIT Roorkee, India. I have PhD admits in experimental high energy physics from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany and University of Illinois Chicago, USA. I have previously done an internship as an undergrad with a professor at...
  47. krishnaCon

    Schools Please provide me top universities for MS in USA?

    Hello friends , I pass out in year 2013 as an Electrical Engineer. Now I want to continue my ms from USA. Please suggest me best Universities for MS Programs in USA so that I can apply for it.
  48. Ritzycat

    Exploring the Night Sky with a Telescope in Central USA

    I've had a telescope for a few years. I know pretty basic stuff - and I can easily find planets when they are in the sky (mostly because I know Venus is around sunrise/sunset, and Jupiter & Saturn are non-twinkling bright objects in the sky). I know a few constellations - Cassiopeia, Orion, Ursa...
  49. T

    Find USA Textbooks: Math, Biology, Physics, Chem for 9-12

    I am looking for USA textbooks regarding to math, biology, physics, chem for 9-12 class. please help me?
  50. Greg Bernhardt

    USA Science Festival: DC Event Info and Other US Science Events

    Going on this weekend in DC. Was anyone able to go? I can't believe I missed it! Next year I'm going to try to get PF a booth! http://www.usasciencefestival.org/ Does anyone have the scoop on other science fairs/festivals/conferences coming up this year in the US?