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I'm Living in the Astronomy Section

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    Having seen the horrors of long times between posts, and the starving databanks ready for more information, I am officially moving to the astronomy section. My experience may be questioned, but I can assure you that I do know a lot about Space in general, even though my AstroPhysics is questionable (Mind you, I'm only 13).

    My move shall enable us to have shorter times between responses, and any curious questions shall be promptly answered to the best of my knowledge. Besides, a wise man once said, "Ask not what your Physics Forums can do for you, ask what you can do to move into the General Astronomy section!"


    Straight version: I'll be active on the Astro forums more often, because it is my speciality. My super-speciality involves Black Holes.
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    Good for you. But dont forget about the rest of PF. Since your specialty involves black holes, then dont forget to drop by the GR/SR forums every once in a while, we gets lots of questions on those there.
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    I gotta learn the math first, but I can apply what I know to the questions.
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