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I'm on vactation and it's raining!

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    Chi Meson

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    I just found this plugged-in laptop at a Deli in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

    We came here to do some back-country skiing, but there is no snow and it is raining. Just thought I'd check in to complain while they make my turkey-wrap.

    We just did a "technical hike" through refrozen, slick slush. Fun for a while but now I'm soaked, and there's two more days of thins.

    so, what's your worst vactation?
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    You should have come with us to Disney World, Chi Meson. The weather was perfect.... at least till it got cold.

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    I don't know if the freakish warm spell we had earlier this week made it all the way to New Hampshire, but I was enjoying a 70 degree day here yesterday...and woke up to slushy snow today. :bugeye:

    Hopefully the rain will stop for you so you can at least enjoy some of New Hampshire's pretty outdoors, even if it doesn't involve the skiing you planned on. We've had a fairly warm winter, I wonder how any of the eastern ski areas are faring.
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