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I'm Paul. Thanks for accepting me.

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    I've always had an interest in the sciences and Nature though I've never been able to 'speak' math. I have a condition similar to Asperger Syndrome wherein I visualize or am able to 'see'. I love aerodynamics, cosmology, physics and just science in general. I enjoy thinking 'outside' the box and am not prone to dogma as long as it all makes some sort of sense. Many of man's major accomplishments have been achieved by folks who 'just didn't know it couldn't be done'. I applaud that. Thax
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    Welcome to the forum, from another Paul.

    Thinking out side the box is really great but ONLY after you understand what is IN the box.

    This is one of the few forums I've ever encountered where reading the rules (especially those against personal theories) is really important, but it's a GREAT place to learn stuff about physics.
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