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I'm punished for discussing physics on this physics forum.

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    I can understand that you can be wrongly punished by accident once, but now it has happened again just now. Also I do see from time to time inappropriate behavior of other posters here who escape any form of punishment. I'm not someone who wants them see punished, I can tolerate a lot. So, their behavior is not what I'm comnplaining about.

    My point is just that you can make stupid remarks on this forum, you can launch personal attacks, you can derail a serious physics discussion in a forum by such behavior and nothing happens. Then comes along a poster like me who just discusses physics, who always sticks to physics here who never insults anyone or otherwise derails a physics discussion and he is then punished. Not once, but twice.

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    Please address such issues to the moderators by private message.

    Thread closed

    supermentor marlon
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    I already did. And isn't this the "forum feedback" forum? Will I receive another infraction for posting feedback (backed up by evidence, see the two posted links) on the feedback forum? :mad:
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    Agreed. This is an issue between you and the Mentors. Nobody had a clue that you'd been 'punished' (a PM warning?) until you told us. The forum guidelines are pretty lax considering the subject matter involved, but are very strictly enforced. That's why this remains the best science forum on the net.

    edit: And, by the way, those of us who pay for the enjoyment of trying to help people learn (and learn ourselves while about it) don't complain. Why should you?
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    Huh, if you click on the first link and read my comment:

    "The Moon could also make a spontaneous quantum jump to a lower orbit."

    You see a yellow square. If you move your mouse over it you see the statement that I received an infraction. You can also go to the secoind link and see and verify that I was punshed again (this time a red square, so presumably even more serious)

    Whatever the reasons the Mentors had, this is something that can be discussed here too. The issue is: I'm discussing physics and get punished for that for strange reasons.

    Are the forum rules lax? Yes, Iguess that if you just misbehave in the normal sense, nothing happens. If you post an interesting problem that is not a homework problem and you therefore post in the general physics forum, you get punished for not posting it in the homework forum because the Mentor thinks it is a homework problem even though you can make it very plausible that it is not.

    Physics forums the best forum? Perhaps, but not for long if you chase away people like me.
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    Chill out bro...If you are THAT good, i am sure you can easily come up with dazzling arguments and references to peer reviewed papers, maybe even of your own, that back up your statements.

    and i said : thread CLOSED

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    Only you and the mentors can see that. No one else can see that you got a warning.
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    Well they seem on the face of it pretty harmless. And as said just report it to a moderator by pm and have it out. Better to be overly sensitive about odd ideas/crackpottery than less sensitive, and of course it might of been edited in the mean time. Let's hope they are a little more forgiving. They might be, but try the usual way of complaining. This place is usually pretty good about such things.

    Thread CLOSED, by an Ubermentor this time. :smile:
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    The moderators have ALREADY explained their reasonings to you via private message. As has been pointed out, this is a matter to be handled by private message, as you are already doing.

    Getting a 0-point warning pointing out that you need to provide a reference is hardly "punishment."

    If you are uncertain of why your posts are receiving warnings, there is a link at the top of the page to "Rules." You will see these are spelled out clearly there.
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