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Image about connection of different parts of Mathematics

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    Hi guys!

    Today I remembered that I used to have a fantastic image (like a flow chart) about different parts of mathematics and how they are connected. In the final stage (at the top), they were connected to QFT and GR.
    It's down->top, at the lower end were basic mathematics (sets, boolian algebra, etc.), going up came more complicated theories (groups, fields, linear algebra, analysis, vector algebra, manifolds, etc.), at the top were QFT and GR.

    Interesting about that graphic was that it showed how different fields of mathematics are connected, like adding a operation to a set and you get a group. Or combining Linear Algebra and Analysis and you get Vector Algebra.

    The graphic is rather simple, the boxes with the different theories were yellow and rectangles (and circles?)

    Does anyone happen to know what I mean?

    If yes, could you please post it here.
    I've been looking for it for hours, but can't find it and i cannot recall where I saw it the first time.

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    I remember there's one of these in the book "Mathematical Physics" by Robert Geroch.
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    No, not this one. It was more general.

    ad) Robert Geroch's "Mathematical Physics"
    No, I don't think so. But I have never seen his book (and it isn't available in my library), so i don't know for sure.

    It might have been somewhere on arxiv.... but I couldn't find it or wouldn't know how to search more effectively
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