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Importing Data in MATLAB

  1. Sep 22, 2012 #1
    Hi. Suppose I load data from a .csv file:

    f Blah
    fa Blah
    vasf Blah
    as Blah
    asdas Blah

    Date Time Ch1:
    07/25/2012 42:46.0 96.385
    07/25/2012 42:46.0 -177.608
    07/25/2012 42:46.0 155.481
    07/25/2012 42:46.0 64.15

    an attempt would be to manipulate the data first before I read it, things would be much more subtle:

    fid = fopen('PULL1.CSV');

    data = textscan(fid, '%s' ,'delimiter', '\b');

    data2 = data{:,:}

    data3 = data2(13:end,:);



    The output then is:


    Would I still have to run textscan to recognize the entries seperated by the commas?

    How would I be able to plot time vs. the third column?
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