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In what case will you mount a filesystem in a non-empty directory?

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    Hi Ho! :smile:

    I just wonder in what case we want to mount a filesystem in a non-empty directory.
    Mounting a filesystem in a non-empty directory will cause the content of the directory to be inaccessible. So, is there any good reason to do that?

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    Two points.

    1.Technically speaking, nothing is inaccessible.

    2. re any good reason to do that ?... none that I can think of, other than wasting time.


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    Hi Ho!

    One reason to mount a file system on a nonempty directory is when the whole content of the directory will be rendered useless with the content of the file system to be mounted. For example, a DVD contains four ISO9660 image files of four different titles of games has been mounted under /mnt/dvdrom. To play a game, the ISO9660 image of the game must be mounted first so that its content can be read. Because only one game can be played in a PC, there is no need to mount the image in another mount point. Instead, the image is also mounted under /mnt/dvdrom, hiding the file system of the DVD whose content is not needed to be directly accessible in user space. This design will also allow the use of a friendly menu by which the user can select which game to run. Since the user who executed the menu can mount the DVD under /mnt/dvdrom, the menu can also mount the selected image file under /mnt/dvdrom. This will eliminate the need of asking the user to which mount point the user has permission to mount the selected image file.

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    Thats not true. Don't you ever mount file systems to your home dir? Like iso images, network shares, etc. Does the contents of your home dir then become inaccessible? No.
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    And also why did you ask if there is a good reason if you appear to already know?
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    Because when I asked it for the very first time (09.17.07), I didn't know the reason.
    But, I encountered a case where I would like to mount a filesystem in a non-empty directory.
    So, I wrote the reason here on 03.22.08 to let others know.

    Best regards,
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