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In which scenario is this possible?

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    Here is a little brain teaser:

    You are my brother, and your mother is my mother. However, your father is my son's brother. If no incest occurred, how is that situation possible?
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    First off, by "brother" you have to mean "half-brother" in at least one, if not both uses of the word. So, because it must mean "half-brother" in at least one, since your wording affords no difference between the two, then BOTH may be half brothers, making the problem trivial.


    "MY MOTHER" and "MY FATHER" have a child, which is "ME".

    "ME" and Pat have a child, "MY SON".

    Pat and Terry have a child, "YOUR FATHER"

    "YOUR FATHER" and "MY MOTHER" have a child, "YOU".

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    You are correct. It has to be assumed that they are half-brothers though since if they were real brothers it would make the scenario impossible.
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    I was wondering along those lines too, but it stretches my idea of a "valid" teaser, because the trick to it is so obvious while at the same time rendering the problem trivial.
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    All questions are trivial when you know an absolute answer.

    What interests me is seeing a grey one though, food for thought, like "Einstein's" riddle.
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