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Homework Help: Independent and Dependent Variables

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    I'm doing a lab where i need to calculate the heat energy, or enthalpy using the equation

    (delta) H = m x c x T

    my reactions are going to be of a strong acid and a strong base:

    Sulfuric Acid + Sodium Hydroxide→ Sodium Sulfate + Water

    and of a wek acid and the same strong base:

    Ethanoic Acid + Sodium Hydroxide → Sodium Ethanoate + Water.

    So, for the planning of the lab, I have to put in the independent and dependent variables. For independent I intially put that what doesnt change is the strong base, and also time. For the dependent variables, i put the temperature of the reaction. However, my teacher says that I should still revise this. Any suggestions or help????

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    Look more closely at 'm', 'c', and 'T' (probably 'delta T'). Dependent variables are things you can control... like how much of a reagent to add. Independent variables are things you can't control or that you are measuring... like how much the temperature changed during a process given a certain amount of reagent A and B you used.
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