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Independent research: Is it possible?

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    Looks like I will not have any research opportunities this summer. However , could I conduct my own research indepedently without working in a professor's research group?
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    well, try harder to find a research group that you can join!

    This is because a big part of doing research is the interaction that you have with your fellow researchers who can share with you their ideas and experiences.
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    Vanadium 50

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    I also wonder what you will be using for lab space and materials if you aren't part of a group.
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    It would help to know your year, major, GPA, and which math and physics courses you have completed, as well as what your career goals are. If you are going to be a teacher, there are projects in physics education that are accessible.
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    I'm not applying to an R.E.U. or anything like that, I simply wanted to worked on a project at my university .
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    Is there no one you can work with even for free?
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    Exactly. Many professors just may not have the funds to pay another person, but they may not turn you down if you request to work for free, just for the experience. It's worth a shot!
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    Also, if you work for a professor for free for awhile, guess who they'll look to hire once they do have money to pay an assistant?
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