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Indian Institute of technology for astrophysics

  1. Apr 9, 2015 #1
    I'm currently a class 12 student in a CBSE school. I'm interested in pursuing a career in astrophysics. I'm not sure of which university to go to for my undergraduate studies. Furthermore, my senior is advising me to apply to Indian Institute of technology. But its rank in qs top universities list is low. So, can someone tell me how good it's compared to other top universities of the world?
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    I can't, I'm currently residing in Saudi Arabia.
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    I would be hesitant to accept any school I hadn't visited.
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    Unfortunately I can't visit any good college from the place I'm residing in. Anyway, thank you very much.
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    Do you have any other universities in mind? It's generally easier to make a comparison if you have, say, a long list of schools and you're deciding which one to go to, rather than asking for how a particular university compares to every other one!
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    I will prepare one right now.
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