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Inelastic Tunneling Current Equation help

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    In this paper ("Molecular Vibration Spectra by Inelastic Electron Tunneling" by J. Lambe & R.C. Jaklevic Phy.Rev. Vol 165, Article 3), the author showed that when external voltage is applied across a metal-insulator-metal, the current passing through the insulator is shown to be:

    I(V) = N([itex]\frac{dj}{dV}[/itex])[[itex]\frac{4\pi me}{\bar{h}^2\phi}[/itex]]ln([itex]\frac{l}{r0}[/itex])....... (formulae continues)

    I am unfamiliar with the parameter r0, which is called, in the paper, the cut-off distance in the vicinity of the molecule. I believe this is a constant and unique to different molecules, if so, where can I find data regarding this? I greatly appreciate your time and effort for explaining this term to me :)

    EDIT: Unfortunately I was not able to post link since I am new.
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