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Infinitely small and infinitely large

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    Are there any theories out there right now that express the idea of the universe as we see it being an interval of sorts on an infinite scale? For example, if one we're to keep zooming in forever on a fundamental particle, would they start to see that maybe the very constituants of the particles are galaxies? From here one can form all sorts of ideas on the speed of light, what matter is, etc. I'm just curious and think it would be interesting to read somthing on this if it exists.
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    Indeed your idea of a "Babushka doll"-universe would make a good basis for a fairy-tale, and I guess most people have philosophised about this sometime.
    However, as we know that (what we at least today consider) fundamental particles behaves completely different (i.e. quantum mechanicaly) from machroscopic objects such as galaxies, the model is not realistic.
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